The Lie

It’s all about the lie. In golf, as in life.

Forget about grabbing the 60 degree wedge. Please. Never mind the distance. It’s all about your lie.

Been caddying since I was 17. I’m 53 now. Way too many golfers pay way too much attention to distance. Pulling out the 60, without regard to the lie, is usually the quickest path to the, “what am I DOING” blurt which invariably follows every either thinned, skulled, t-boned, bladed, or chunked shot.

Instead, most golfers would do better to hit a higher percentage pitch and run shot with a less-lofted club.


Dan Wetzel: Yahoo Sports Writer Just Gets It

For years Dan Wetzel, Yahoo Sports Writer nonpareil, has been one of my favorites.

Two reasons:

A. I usually agree with what he has to say, i.e., he and I typically share the same opinions (always a big fan of the person who can articulate what I think and has the forum to do so), and B. he doesn’t mess around.

In this link here:

he does a nice job of taking Lance “Alex Rodriguez/Tiger Woods Wannabe” Armstrong out to the woodshed.

Tatoos and Vikings: What’s Missing in Sports

You know, I think what’s missing in sports these days are tatoos. And dredlocks. Maybe it’s me, but where was I when that memo went out? Asleep? Working? Cleaning the house?

And the high-energy, locks-flowing blonde football player too. The wide-receiver type. You just don’t see enough of that these days.

Yeah, that’s what’s missing.